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Guided Meditation Apps Your Teen Might Enjoy

  • Insight Meditation Timer. This app is great if you are new to meditation. It offers introductory guided mediations and a supportive community to help you get started. Experienced meditators will feel right at home with beautiful Tibetan singing bowls and guided meditations by experienced teachers.
  • Stop, Breathe, and Think. This it opens with a short questionnaire where the users several questions specific to their mood, emotions, and physicality. The app recommends guided meditations for their current state.
  • Smiling Mind. Designed for is designed specifically for adolescent use. Smiling Mind is meditation made easy. Smiling Mind is a unique web and App-based program developed by a team of psychologists with expertise in youth and adolescent therapy, Mindfulness Meditation and web-based wellness programs. Guided Meditations are categorized for ages ranging from “bite size” to adult.
  • Take a Break! Not necessarily just for teens, but this provides short guided meditations for stress relief. Young people just starting out with meditation may prefer guidance. Listeners will be able to enjoy the deep relaxation, stress relief and benefits of meditation now with this app by Meditation Oasis.