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Parent Workshops

All Recovery Community Meeting

Join us every Tuesday at 6:30pm for a Virtual Connection Zoom Discussion! Topics include:

  • Empowerment
  • Recovery and sobriety
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Employment and more! 

Facilitated by Carlita Singletary, NCPRSS
Zoom Meeting ID: 834-317-0570


Want to help your family members (and friends) cope with everything that’s going on in their lives?   Try really listening to them.  Few things are as affirming as the feeling that someone is actually hearing what you are saying.  Listening does NOT involve trying to solve the speaker’s problems for them, nor offering your take (aka opinion or judgement) on what they’re saying.   Listening is not a passive activity. The listener has to absorb what is being said, truly understand it, and respond with empathy.  And the best part about really listening to someone else is that they will be far more likely to really listen to you as well.

Like so many other things, good listening is a muscle that you can develop and exercise.  During this one hour zoom workshop we will focus on what it means to really listen to someone, and then you will get to practice your new skill one-on-one in a breakout room.

Really Listening Powerpoint

Really Listening Pocket Reference

Really Listening Prompts (cheat sheet)

Let’s Talk About… STRESS

How is stress related to worry and anxiety?  And depression?  When should we worry (about ourselves, a friend, a family member)? 

Even before COVID, stress was an inescapable part of all of our lives.  While some stress is good, too much can easily have long lasting effects on our health (physical and mental).    And now that we are all dealing with COVID and its fallout, everyone’s stress levels are through the roof.  In addition, we have all seen stories about people being worried or feeling anxious.  What does this mean to your well-being?  To your family’s well-being?  During this one-hour workshop, we will explore answers to the following questions:

What can you do when you find yourself on the verge of a stress-related outburst?

What are changes you can make that will limit the stress you are experiencing and to   develop a preventative strategy that puts you in control?

And, finally, how can you help your family members grapple with these same problems, no matter their age?

Ideal for parents and caregivers of children of all ages.

Stress PowerPoint

Stress Pocket Reference

Quick Stress Resets

Mindfulness for Parents

Being a parent is stressful! This workshop focuses on mindfulness techniques and will give participants “hands-on” practice with some self-calming strategies. By being mindful you can understand, tolerate and deal with your emotions in healthy ways.  In addition, we will explore how helping our children learn to pause and choose helps them manage their emotions and is a key building block in family communication, school success, and positive peer interactions.

Mindfulness PowerPoint

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