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Tips on How To Meditate

  • Choose a time of day where distractions will be limited.
  • Turn off your phone. Better yet, leave it in other room, turned off.
  • Find a quiet place where you can sit without being disturbed. Try to always meditate in the same place.
  • Close your eyes, it’s easiest to meditate without a lot of external distraction. Sitting in the same spot helps you become committed to your meditation setting.
  • During meditation, stick with a natural breath, but remember that it can be helpful from time to time to mindfully soften, deepen, or elongate your breath.
  • Start small with five minutes of meditation each day. Just as you would need to build up your endurance to run for long distances, you need to train yourself to meditate. Over time, try working your way up to 20-40 minutes by increase your time in small increments until you reach a length of time that feels right to you and works with your lifestyle.