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What is Self-Care?

By: Carlita S. 

“Self-care is the mindset, activities, practices and habits we bring to bear against stress, unhappiness, illness, depression, loss or grief and other negative emotions to be the building bridge to wholesomeness.” 

I work two jobs, I’m a single mom and I am a community advocate. I do several things to try and keep myself mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy. I practice meditation, include some basic exercise throughout the week and when or if needed engage in therapy. Yet as a parent of a young adult college student, it can be challenging at times to say the least. Most days I’m good. Then there’s times I must step back, take a moment to really reflect on how well I’m taking care of myself. In that reflection I may be able to see some areas where I need to implement or strengthen some self-care practices. 

Here are a few things we can do that can help if needed: 

  • Calm app ~ features help take assessments of your moods throughout the day 
  • Journal~ practice weekly or daily when needed 
  • Boundaries ~ implement at your comfort level
  • Sleep ~ listen to your body and your mental queues that you need to rest 
  • Support system~ tell people who care about you if you’re not feeling well or not feeling like yourself 
  • Meditation~ invest in some type of meditation

Remember…..”You can’t pour from an empty cup.” 

Here’s a link to some great ideas you can sort through: