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Tip of the Week

It’s spring and it’s time to send your child outside.

Play has been described as “childhood’s inborn tool to build resilience.” Giving children the freedom to play independently, allows them to explore, to try out different ways to solve problems through trial and error, promoting physical and emotional flexibility. This builds their resilience and their confidence. They feel a sense of control as well as achievement and confidence. This kind of play encourages creativity and imagination, and they learn for themselves how to interact with their peers and work out how to manage their own emotions.

Like all aspects of parenting, this play and risk-taking has to take place within the boundaries set by you, the parent and it’s important to be available as the coach, and to supervise from a distance that allows for free play and risk-taking, while making sure that everyone remains safe. Check out this online tool that will help you gain the confidence to allow your child to engage in more outdoor play.

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