Every family experiences conflict, but it doesn't have to be 24/7. Come to our free parent workshop on Managing Conflict and Making It a Teachable Moment. 2/9 (Montclair), 2/24 (West Orange). Pre-registration required. Contact Susan Johnson at sjohnson@copecenter.net

Tip of the Week

February is National Library Lovers Month.

It’s a great time to share your love of reading with your family.

What was your favorite book as a child?

Do you remember your childhood library? Do you recall getting your first library card and checking out stacks of books? Share these memories with your family and make a trip to your local library to see if that old favorite is on the shelf. Choose a book that everyone in the family will enjoy. Take turns reading it aloud or check out the audio version to listen to together on your next car trip.

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