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Tip of the Week

Five “Dos” for Effective parenting

  • Consider who your child is…their temperament, age, developmental level.
  • Be a Role Model. Remember you’re always on stage. Behave how you want your child to behave. You are modeling for your child how to deal with conflict.
  • Ask for help, from fellow parents, teachers and counselors, family members and sometimes even from your child.
  • Think about how you speak (your tone, using “when” not “if” statements, commands not requests, humor and compassion).
  • Pick your spot: Know what you are going to say. If you are going to say yes, say “yes” the first time they ask.  If you’re going to say no, say “no” and stick to it. Don’t let your child learn that you can be worn down into permitting a forbidden behavior.

Figure out what is important to your family. With your spouse, partner or co-parent, take the time to figure out what is important to your family. Take time out to talk through your values and how they relate to decisions you make about raising your child. Getting on the same page is important.



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