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Tip of the Week

March 15:  National Sleep Day

Sleep. Don’t we all crave more of it? How can we help our tweens and teens develop and maintain good sleep habits?

#1. Practice good parenting. Coach your child to make good and realistic time-management choices. It’s all part of the on-going toil of parenting to work day in and day out to establish consistent sleep habits. Pay attention to productivity. In parallel with your child, figure out what works best of you and for her. Do you need to exercise before sitting down to work? Does 15 minutes of deep breathing or meditation help you? Are you going to get more done when you break up your work time into 30 or 45 minutes blocks of time with 10 minute breaks in-between? Once you’ve each found your groove, strategize about keeping on track. Hold yourselves accountable and celebrate sticking to the plan.

#2. Screens off 1 hour before bedtime. That means you too—like so much of parenting, it’s important to set a good example.

#3. Streamline the morning routine. Get in the habit of getting everyone organized the night before. Backpacks organized, clothes picked out, lunch packed.

#4. Insist that beds are for sleeping. Make sure that there’s some other comfy place to plop down onto during the day.

Want more info? Check out the How to Help Teenagers Get More Sleep and 25 Tips and Tricks to Help You Get a Better Sleep

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